USAR Primary Response (USAR Rescue 4)

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USAR Primary Response (USAR Rescue 4) Empty USAR Primary Response (USAR Rescue 4)

Post by N. LeBlanc on Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:01 pm

USAR Primary Response (USAR Rescue 4) 3162520234_00011f2850_z

This is the primary truck we will use to respond to USAR incident because it is easier to transport by aircraft.  USAR 7 will still be our primary unit for long term units, but this truck will be able to provide a quicker response, depending on the situation.  This unit is a walk-around rescue, so you will have to get into the cab and then walk around the truck for various forms of equipment.


Medical Equipment:
6x ALS bag
-4x4 bandages
-Saline bags
-Ringers bags
-1:10 epi
-IV tubing
-Needles to start IVs
-Lifepak 4400 Defibrillator
2x Drugbox
-Any IV drug that is needed in the field
2x Trauma kit
2x Backboards
2x broken down Stokes litters
1x Additional Medical Response supply packages

USAR gear
Hurst tool
6x Halligan bars
2x Married Irons
4x Hydraulic rams, various sizes
1000 ft rope
8 harnesses
8 Rescue 8's
75 feet webbing
150 feet of chain
1 Husqvarna Rotary K-12 saw
4 STHIL chain saws
Extra saw blades/chains
Saw fuel
1x Additional USAR Response supply packages
-Saw fuel
-Rehab gear
-Truck/Generator fuel
-Additional batteries (Flashlights and radios)
5x Fire Extinguishers
10x airbags
50x additional air packs
4x bolt cutters
2x K-tool
10x Argus tools
4x sledge hammer
1 sawzall
10x shovels
2x rebar cutting tool
1x Exothermic Cutting torch
On scene lighting
1x Large generators
Food and Water storage
Team USAR gear storage
Weapon storage
600 psi 6 bottle Cascade Air pack refilling system
Radio Battery Chargers
Ground Ladders
Parabolic Microphone
6x Fire Protection suits
15x Tyvek hazardous materials suits
35x Respirators and equipment for filter changes
Shoring Equipment
Confined Space Rescue Equipment
8x Pikepoles
2x Pulley Systems

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