First Response/light rescue unit (USAR 5)

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First Response/light rescue unit (USAR 5) Empty First Response/light rescue unit (USAR 5)

Post by N. LeBlanc on Sun Sep 21, 2014 10:30 pm

First Response/light rescue unit (USAR 5) 04828211

This truck is a 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 First Response Unit.  This truck also carries 150 gallons of water for fire suppression.

Medical Gear carried:

ALS bag
-4x4 bandages
-Saline bags
-Ringers bags
-1:10 epi
-IV tubing
-Needles to start IVs
-Lifepak 4400 Defibrillator
-Any IV drug that is needed in the field
Trauma kit
2x Backboards
2x broken down Stokes litters

USAR gear carried:

Hurst tool
2x Halligan bars
4x Hydraulic rams, various sizes
500 ft rope
100 feet of chain
1 Huskvarna Rotary K-12 saw
2 STHIL chain saws
Extra saw blades/chains
Saw fuel
8x airbags
4x additional air packs
2x bolt cutters
1x K-tool
2x Ardis tools
1x sledge hammer
1 sawzall
2x shovels
1x rebar cutting tool

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