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Post by L. O'Riley on Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:35 pm

Name: Liam O'Riley

Age: 24 years old

Position: Breacher

Sidearm: 1911

Bio: Liam started his life out in a small rural town in Northern Ireland. He worked as a farm hand for a sheep herder when he begun to start his life adventures. His boss' family had a big history, he claimed that his ancestor was a successful and feared viking who had claimed countless riches. When Liam's father accidentally joined the French Foreign Legion and his mother nowhere to be found Liam convinced his boss the by they should go looking for the treasure and become rich.

They soon somehow found themselves on the coast of Brazil where Liam's boss was kidnapped by guerrillas and never heard from again. After asking his dad for advice Liam joined up with the Brazilian police force, despite hardly knowing spanish. After about five years of service Liam and his dad arranged to finally reunite in America where he would apply his police "skills."

Pic: (Soon to be here)
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