Team 1 Tactical Positions

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Team 1 Tactical Positions Empty Team 1 Tactical Positions

Post by N. LeBlanc on Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:24 pm

This is the list of who is on what assignments.  Obviously this can change at the discretion of the officers and team commander, but this is in general cases.


Standard operations

Point man (Point): This is the first person and the person who leads the team into an area, depending on the mission, they can carry a shotgun to breech doors, an SMG, or an assault rifle.

Shield Man: This is the person who will the first person through all doors. They will carry the ballistic shield as well as their side arm.

DM: This stands for designated marksmen.  They job is to provide precision fire for the rest of the team.

Team leader:  This is the highest ranking officer who assumes command.  They will be the team leader when we are on a mission.

Sniper team

Sniper:  In this case, the sniper is the assistant leader of the team, but the highest ranking officer does not have to be the sniper.

Spotter:  This is the usually the team leader in an operation that is a sniper mission, but not necessarily.  Note that they also do not have to be the highest ranking officer either.

Point man:  See above.

Security (x2):  The team consists of two people who will provide security for the rest of the team.

Demolition:  This person will be the primary person who will work with explosives.

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