Official USAR Uniform

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Official USAR Uniform

Post by N. LeBlanc on Wed Oct 01, 2014 4:45 pm

Our uniforms is as follows:

SIAU Team Number and position shirt (Red/High Visibility Orange)

  • Your's team's crest will be printed on the front, left of the shirt with your team number written below
  • SIAU and you team Number on the rear


5.11 Tactical Navy Blue Ripstop TDU

  • Rear Reads: SIAU-TF1 FEMA Urban Search and Rescue
  • USAR/Medical Certifications, left shoulder
  • Battle Patch (Name, Rank, SIAU Team, Blood Type)
  • American Flag, Right shoulder
  • Rank Stripes, left Shoulder
  • First Initial, last name over position in Gold on the left pocket
  • SIAU USAR in Red, outlined in gold on the right pocket
  • SIAU USAR Patch, above left nametape


5.11 EMS Taclite Pant

Job Shirt (optional)

5.11 Water Resistant Job shirt

  • Your Rank will be posted above your name on the right side of the shirt, above the pocket in white print for non-officers and gold print for officers
  • The SIAU crest will be present on the left side of the shirt
  • Special International Action will be written, curved, above the word unit on the rear of the shirt in white print for non-officers and gold print for officers
  • The American Flag is to be present on the Right Shoulder of the shirt

Bullard USRX Helmet

  • Colors will vary, see list
  • Rockers will read: SIAU USAR
  • Shield reads: Rank (top), SIAU crest, Name (Middle), SIAU USAR (Bottom)

Lieutenant Nicholas "Boss" LeBlanc
EPPD SOD (Officer In Charge)/ESU OIC
Certifications: Tactical Team leader, USAR team leader, Sniper, Tactical Medic, Paramedic, Aerial Crew Chief, Repelling certified, Coxswain
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