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Post by H. LeBlanc on Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:24 pm

Character Full Name: Hailey LeBlanc

Character Age: 32

Desired Character Position: Lead Profiler/Negotiator

Desired Character Sidearm: Glock 22 chambered in .40

Character Image:

H. LeBlanc Image11

Character Biography: Hailey married her high school sweetheart, Nicholas LeBlanc just before they went to college.  She managed obtained her degree in forensic psychology and foreign affairs from Denver University before being hired by a local police department as an Emergency Service officer, or a combination SWAT Team and fire department. During her time on the department, she gained her detective and hostage negotation skills. She became a team commander and was promoted to sergeant Before giving birth to her daughter.  However, After Abigail's birth, the department would not offer her a spot back in her same job, but only a desk job. So after several years with her department, she moved to join new unit with her husband for negotiation purposes and in her interest of doing more shooting and firefighting work. She was also in high demand because of her FEMA USAR certification. She now loves her work as a SIAU Lieutenant and the executive officer of the unit.
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